We have rendered manpower specialists to the following industries: Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical; Industrial; Utilities (Including Power and Water); Transport and Steel & Allied. Such assignments would typically require the placements of 6-9 specialist, although we have placed more than 20 HSE specialists for single clients on occasion.

IRCA facilitates sustainable solutions for HSE placement services on a turn-key basis including HSE assurance and coaching and by means of inter alia, the placement of a suitably qualified consultant teams in various locations supported by our head office.

The HSE specialist will ensure that company / industry specific requirements will be assured in relation to the Client / Contractor HSE plans and also integrated with other required operational standards aligned to ISO standards and common management system requirements as a framework for integration.

IRCA provides the integrated the integrated management solutions under the leadership and direction of the Client. A typical service value proposition includes the deployment of HSE professionals (supervisors, advisors and managers) to:

Review / refinement and alignment of the current HSE system of specific contractor(s);

Coaching and mentoring of the contractor HSE and site personnel;

Joint client / contractor HSE assurance (audits, inspections, reviews);

On-site Monitoring, Enforcement of the HSE System and sustaining improvements.

The deployment of HSE professionals is guided by “fit-for-purpose” technology and coaching methodologies to ensure focused delivery, monitoring and outputs for our clients. Our service offering includes On-site Management and Enforcement of the HSE System through monitoring, assurance and coaching to:

Provide assurance of the HSE requirements for each phase of the contracts throughout its life cycle; the IRCA HSE Manager (focal point) will represent HSE issues at Principal Contractor meetings;

Facilitate / coordinate with and regularly report to the Client;

Coordinate with other consultants and third parties rendering services to the contract holders that has an impact on HSE performance;

Assess the HSE requirements with other individual projects and advised the contractors to incorporate these into the overall system;

Provide all its services in accordance with the contractor HSE system requirements, internationally recognised codes, standards, and recommended practices, and all specified equipment and material used will comply with recognised codes and standards, and local regulations;

Use its best endeavours to identify those technical and economic solutions which are most suited to the operational risk management, technical risk and process management requirements of the contract holders.

The services of IRCA’s specialist safety and technical consultants include with a strong focus on coaching, mentoring, monitoring and quality assurance.