IRCA positioned its business model in a business framework that provides a fully integrated consulting service offering to clients to ensure a sustainable world-class performance in operational risk management.


IRCA provides a range of consulting services and supporting products aimed at adding real value to our customers and partners. Solutions are designed specific to customer requirements, depending on strategic thrusts, defined priorities, or potential high-risk issues identified.

Our consulting services span the full spectrum – from integrated management systems to risk management and organisational development interventions. A key focus area of this division is the consulting on the design and implementation of international standards and protocols (ISO related consulting advice).

Our diverse suite of offerings is aligned to our consulting risk framework architecture.

► Risk Assessments

► Consulting (ISO Standards & Integrated Management Systems)

► Training and Education

► Safety Culture Transformation

► Organisational Resilience (BCM)

► Information Technology (Software)

► Coaching and Assurance

► Auditing

IRCA often design integrated managements systems by using the IRCA Electronic Business Management System (EBMS). It is a mechanism by which client processes are documented and presented online to align business processes with international (ISO) standards.

We believe that technology will play an increasing role in the identification and mitigation of risk over the next 5 years. Leveraging data analytics to improve HSE and sustainability, together with the Internet of Things and management software tools, are spearheading the latest development in safety domain. The software segment is expected to grow the highest over the coming years, projected to grow at a CAGR of over 9% during the forecast period.

IRCA has a number of software solutions in support of its consulting expertise, including:

Root Cause Analysis Technique (RCATTM)

RCAT is a world-class web based system for incident reporting, recording, analysis and follow up.It is a structured step-by-step technique focusing on finding the real problem, rather than dealing with the symptoms.

Risk Assessment Suite (RAS)

RAS is a web-based suite of risk assessment tools designed to ensure consistent and accurate recording of all the relevant risks within the organisation. It runs in both stand-alone and networked environments, and provides companies with relevant information to manage operational risks effectively.

SHEQX (Driving Compliance)

The Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQX) solution will assist your organisation to manage SHEQ processes. It drives continuous operational performance improvement, effectively reducing risk and costs. SHEQX will aggregate SHEQ data in a single, auditable database and manage analysis and reporting effectively, ensuring effective compliance, and a more robust approach to corporate sustainability.

CAPTM (Auditing & benchmarking tool)

CAP is a management system audit tool to build an effective system for non-conformity, incident, and accident prevention.  It assists in detecting and correcting system failures in a non-complex manner, balancing the scope  and length of the audit with the competency of the auditor.

IRCA Systems Implementation Toolkit (ISIT)

ISIT provides organisations with guidance and support to implement a structured HSEQ programme that is aligned to modern risk management requirements.

Behaviour Based Care (BBC)

The BBC software is a web-based enterprise behaviour management tool  designed to specifically support the behaviour based process in companies. This process is implemented at all levels in the organisation and uses group dynamics in teams to attain compliance behaviour.


IRCA creates added value through tailor-made auditing, ISO compliance and assessment services, utilising experienced auditors. IRCA Audit Protocols include Safety, Health, Environmental, Security and Quality audit protocols for Products, Services, Processes and Systems. It covers:

► Automotive

► Environmental Management

► Energy Management

► Security (Private and Supply Chain)

► Risk Management

► Information Security            

► Asset Management

► Food safety

► Occupational Health and Safety

► Quality Management


IRCA Rating System – CAP ™

IRCA Global developed the IRCA Rating System CAP ™ protocol and has now launched the new IDRS and IRS protocols, which are aligned with the latest OHSAS and ISO requirements, providing a much bigger focus on field verification and site compliance than before. This is truly an assessment tool that will assist organisations in achieving excellence at all levels – not only world-class systems, but also measurement of the implementation and sustainability of the management systems. IRCA measures the level of compliance with ISO Standards, as well as specific organisational standards and requirements. Our clients benchmark themselves to go beyond minimum legal requirements, in order to reap the benefits of an Integrated HSE Management System. The following protocols are available as a single or combined audit:

► IRCA Rating System Audits (IDRS & IRS)
► Responsible Care Audits
► Process Safety Management Audits
► Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Programme Audits
► Legal Compliance Audits
► Limited Scope Audits
► Pre certification audits for ISO accreditation