Our Human Factor Engineering (HFE) approach provides comprehensive HFE support in asset-intensive industries to eliminate or mitigate hazards, failures and financial losses from human error. We have implemented 137 interventions in Human Factor Engineering, including Human Factor Analysis, Human Reliability Analysis, Situational Awareness Studies and Human Performance, Perception and Cognitive Studies. Most of our involvement in this domain has been in Behaviour Based Safety (BBS).

The behavioural-based safety process uses a continuous improvement process based on observations and positive feedback to pinpoint at risk behaviours and weaknesses in management systems. Thus, whereas HFE’s goal is to build a work environment that is as safe as practical, the behavioural-based safety process tackles the difficult task of identifying and rectifying bad habits and gaps in management systems with the ultimate goal of creating a safety culture that supports safe behaviours.

IRCA Global has a long-standing relationship with Arcelor Mittal and we embarked on the large scale and successful implementation of a BBS process for the Client at Galati in Romania.

Key Metrics

Client: Arcelor Mittal Steel, Galati, Romania

Size of workforce: 20,000 employees

Project Duration: 18 months

Project Description: Implementation of fully fledged BBS/HFE process, including a 5S intervention and transformational leadership initiative


BBS Project Deliverables

Deliverable 1: Management of Logistics

Deliverable 2: BBS Management and Process Champion Training

Deliverable 3: Visible Felt Leadership

Deliverable 4: Perception Survey / Site Assessment

Deliverable 5: Baseline Observations

Deliverable 6: Supervisor Training

Deliverable 7: Employee PACT Agreements

Deliverable 8: Process Audits



Size / Scope: 20,000 employees working 3 million man hours per month

Number of LTI’s Before Intervention: Average of 16 per month

Number of LTI’s Post Intervention: 26 month no LTI’s in period after implementation

Number of Fatalities Before Intervention: Average 15 per annum

Number of Fatalities After Intervention: Reduced to 2 the year thereafter

Size of BBS Team: 1 Project Director; 4 Senior BBS Consultants and 15 BBS Consultants (Implementers)